Communication Skills training course

Management, customer-oriented communication, making sales pitches, copywriting, and more. In addition to language training, ElaN Learning provides coaching and training programmes that help employees develop their talents. The actual situation is always the focus. Based on various simulation exercises and cases provided by the trainee, we will strengthen their skills.

Our offer

You can attend the following training courses at ElaN Learning:

Would you like follow these training courses in Dutch, French, or German? That’s perfectly possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Get your training subsidised

Good to know: the Flemish government has subsidies available for training courses. Thanks to Paid Educational Leave (PEL), you can recover €21.30 per training hour per employee. It gets even better! Are you an SME or sole trader? Then you can get up to 40% in financial support for your (language) training courses via the SME portfolio. Note: only companies established in Flanders are eligible for these subsidies.