Training course - Train the trainer

Increasingly, employees are being asked to train (new) colleagues, often right there in the workplace. This training course will provide them with the tools to effectively teach knowledge and skills to others.


Who's it for?

Managers, trainers, mentors, instructors, etc. Anyone who needs to welcome or train employees or teach them tasks or skills.

BabblPro: To be discussed - ClassicPro: 2 days

ClassicPro: face-to-face

BabblPro: online

MXPro: a combination of both

At your company premises or at our offices in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve or Heusden-Zolder
Number of participants:
Max. 12
In consultation with ElaN

Day 1


  • ‘Conscious’ actions: from start to finish. Trainees build up the theory in a group. They discover the dangers of impulsive action and the advantages of conscious action.


  • Pitfalls (when observing, communicating, and training): the group discovers the pitfalls for trainers, such as environmental deception, relying on a first impression, danger of interpretation, etc.


  • Theory ‘providing situational training’: the trainees learn the theory by means of short exercises. They learn that they need to adapt their training and communication style to the trainee’s profile in order to achieve the best possible result.


Day 2


  • Working with groups: the trainees receive ‘tips & tricks’ on working with groups so that speaking in front of a group is easier.


  • Instructional skills: the trainees learn to build up the structure of a good training course using concrete role-playing scenarios. They learn to take the type of person into account in their communication and training style.


  • Giving feedback: the trainees learn to have a proper feedback meeting through concrete exercises. 


  • Evaluation moment + reflection moment: the trainees discover how they can translate their new knowledge and skills to the workplace (exchange experiences, learn from each other).


Get your training subsidised

Good to know: the Flemish government has subsidies available for training courses.


Thanks to Paid Educational Leave (PEL), you can recover €21.30 per training hour per employee.


It gets even better! Are you an SME or sole trader? Then you can get up to 40% in financial support for your (language) training courses via the SME portfolio.

Note: only companies established in Flanders are eligible for these subsidies.

Interested in following this course?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cinthia Maes for an overview of all possibilities and a customised proposal: 011 79 05 21 –