Training course - Commercial skills for non-commercial people

Commercial skills always come in handy, including for employees who aren’t in sales. An experienced coach will help you develop your commercial senses in a training course that increases your commercial insight and strengthens the bond with your customers.

BabblPro: To be discussed - ClassicPro: 2 days

ClassicPro: face-to-face

BabblPro: online

MXPro: a combination of both

At your company premises or at our offices in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve or Heusden-Zolder
Number of participants:
Max. 8
In consultation with ElaN
Opleiding 'Commerciële vaardigheden'

The following topics will definitely be discussed: The programme can be further adjusted and supplemented to suit your needs.



  • Each trainee ‘sells’ themselves to the group and works on introspection
  • Remediation and learning points


Professional communication

  • Being an ‘Ambassador’ of your company: where does this start and how do we show it everywhere?
  • What do I learn from the customer’s attitude?
  • The strength of nonverbal communication


Detect opportunities

  • How do I find out what the customer really wants?
  • Active listening to be more understanding and convincing
  • What are the unique assets of our services?


Individual action plan


Optional: half a refresher day with the trainees in which experiences are exchanged, successes are shared, and concrete work cases are simulated, among other things.

Get your training subsidised

Good to know: the Flemish government has subsidies available for training courses.


Thanks to Paid Educational Leave (PEL), you can recover €21.30 per training hour per employee.


It gets even better! Are you an SME or sole trader? Then you can get up to 40% in financial support for your (language) training courses via the SME portfolio.

Note: only companies established in Flanders are eligible for these subsidies.

Interested in following this course?

Then please call or mail Cinthia Maes. She will work with you to put together your training course, perfectly tailored to your needs.



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