Our ‘Communication skills’ Training Courses – Cherish your talent

9 October 2018
Companies that invest in their people can count on employees that are more motivated and perform better. Our ‘Communication skills’ training courses help your employees to develop their talents. It’s good for your company’s bottom line and your image as an employer.

Writing emails, handling complaints, holding customer-oriented phone calls, negotiating, etc. These are just a few of the communication skills that a company’s employees can polish up at ElaN Learning.


According to Training Manager Ingrid Vandormael, “our training courses help employees to perform several essential, daily tasks better. The actual situation is always the focus. Take our ‘Making sales pitches’ training course, for instance. Based on various simulation exercises and cases provided by the trainee, we will prepare the participant for the real work: successfully selling a product or service.”

À la carte

Would you like your employees to polish up their professional skills in various areas? Then choose from our à la carte menu. You put together your customised training pack and turn your employees into all-around professionals!

Looking to polish up your communication skills?

Writing emails, handling complaints, creating a presentation, etc. Pick the skills you want to polish up and contact Cathy De Ceuster, our Business Development Manager. She’ll help you put together the perfect customised training course!


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