'Communication skills’ Training Courses – Á la carte

Fact: companies that invest in their talent can count on employees that are more motivated and perform better. Our ‘À la carte’ formula lets your employees continue their education in precisely the skills they’ll need out on the work floor.


Does your management assistant want to write emails that sound more professional and create better presentations? Do your representatives want their sales pitches to be more effective and to be able to hold their own at the negotiating table?


Who's it for?
Employees wanting to polish up their professional skills in various areas.


Choose from these professional skills, put together your customised training pack, and turn your employees into all-around professionals!

  • Holding customer-oriented phone calls
  • Writing customer-oriented emails
  • Making sales pitches
  • Giving presentations
  • Creating a presentation
  • Writing reports
  • Negotiating
  • Handling complaints
BabblPro: To be discussed - ClassicPro: To be discussed

ClassicPro: face-to-face

BabblPro: online

MXPro: a combination of both

At your company premises or at our offices in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve or Heusden-Zolder
Number of participants:
Max. 15
Spread out (over several weeks) or intensive

To be determined with ElaN Learning, tailored to your needs. 


Would you like follow this training course in French, Dutch, or German? That’s perfectly possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get your training subsidised

Good to know: the Flemish government has subsidies available for training courses.


Thanks to Paid Educational Leave (PEL), you can recover €21.30 per training hour per employee.


It gets even better! Are you an SME or sole trader? Then you can get up to 40% in financial support for your (language) training courses via the SME portfolio.

Note: only companies established in Flanders are eligible for these subsidies.

Would you like to organise this training course in your company?

If so, call or mail Cathy De Ceuster and put together your ideal training course, perfectly tailored to your needs.


E-mail: cathydeceuster@elanlearning.com

Phone: +32 (0)468 28 14 16