Language proficiency as a key advantage: the added value of language training

5 December 2016
Language is the basis of all communication: that is rule number one at ElaN Learning. Unfortunately, this is all too often forgotten in practice.

A recent example with one of our customers, a recruitment agency, demonstrates the usefulness of language training. They had sent an IT consultant to interview for a job with a major multinational corporation. He was the best in his field, but he couldn’t express himself in English. The result? The company lost a really great employee and the consultant missed out on a really great job. This shows that language proficiency and language skills are of inestimable value in the business world. 

The value of language proficiency in your professional life

The example above isn’t the exception to the rule. Below are several more examples based on actual events that highlight the importance of language proficiency.


Are you a representative who must work on the other side of the language border in order to convince potential customers in the French-speaking market? This requires a good understanding of French. You come across as being more self-confident and you can converse more fluently. But it’s not just work that gets discussed at meetings. Chats about everyday life are important to maintain good, pleasant relationships. Being able to communicate fluently on current events, your holiday, or your kids makes a good impression.


The HR Manager of an international company must regularly consult and meet with colleagues in foreign offices. As a sign of good will, the meetings will be held in France and French will be spoken instead of English. If you can fluently communicate in French - and not just when it comes to HR terminology - your meeting will be more efficient and you’ll save a lot of time. 


As a marketing manager, your communications must be fluent, clear, and inspiring, and all of this must often be done in English. Thanks to your flawless English in your presentation to a large audience, your message comes across loud and clear and increases your credibility.

Learning a language is about more than just vocabulary and grammar

Ingrid Vandormael is a training manager at ElaN Learning. She stresses that language training courses involve more than just vocabulary and grammar.


“Our trainees are often familiar with the language, but they take too long to respond in a conversation because they have to think too much about what they want to say in that language. Others may be able to communicate quickly, but their message lacks nuance. Part of good language training is giving the trainees the confidence to speak the language and teaching them how to add the right nuances. Take the marketing manager with his presentation in English for instance. We gave him tips about the structure of the presentation and advice on how to best address an audience. Whether it concerns presentations, meetings, negotiations, or handling complaints: our language trainers have tips & tricks tailor-made for any situation.”

More information?

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