Speaking, arguing, understanding, ... The right solution for every language training question

27 October 2021

Good to excellent language skills are still an indispensable asset for your employees.

Let them help your business even better and opt for a language training course with ElaN Learning.

Perfectly tailored

A language course at ElaN Learning is a perfect fit for our trainees: completely unique and tailored to their needs. How? Our consultants will work with you and your employee(s) to devise a suitable course of action, tailored to your company, no matter how specific your question is.


We receive the most varied language training requests from a wide range of companies. Below is a small selection of the myriad of companies that came to us for a customised solution.


Elia – Arguing properly in German

We teach a Dutch-speaking project manager how to argue and add nuance in German. This allows him to actively and confidently hold meetings with German-speaking colleagues.


Exellys – Fluent writing in English

A Dutch-speaking employee takes a writing course to make technical texts in English easier to read.


BASF – Targeted speaking in Dutch

We developed a tailor-made programme for a Syrian employee. His Dutch was already fine, but his job required specific language skills, such as reading comprehension, participating in group discussions, reporting in writing and understanding instructions.


Farm Frites – Communicating clearly in English

Technical members of staff improve their English. By doing so, they understand the explanations of external companies that come to install machines well and can ask questions.

A language course that suits you perfectly?

Contact Ingrid Vandormael: ingridvandormael@elanlearning.com – 011 79 05 11. She will develop a programme that is completely in line with your question and your budget.