Well-being at work – Discover our training courses

18 November 2022

Passionate and motivated employees who feel good about themselves – how nice is that? Plus, it serves to help you too! Because happy colleagues are three times more creative and 30% more productive.


From individual coaching on stress and self-management to training courses that help you gain insight into yourself. ElaN Learning has numerous training courses focusing on optimal well-being in the workplace. Everything is perfectly aligned with your needs. Get a sneak peek at some of our courses.

Choose the training you need

Do you lack that little extra bit of confidence? Do you sometimes say ‘yes’ when you actually mean ‘no’?  Perhaps you’re having a hard time controlling your stress? Each of us has our personal obstacles at work. Feel free to tell us what you’re up against.


We listen carefully to what you need and map out a course that focuses entirely on your areas of interest: practice-oriented, with plenty of individual attention from an experienced coach, and even more practice sessions.

Would you like to take a customised training course centred on your well-being?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact Cinthia Maes: cinthiamaes@elanlearning.com – 011 79 05 21. 


Cathy will be happy to develop a programme that completely suits your requirements and budget.