Our partners

We’re not very good at resting on our laurels. On the contrary; innovation excites us. And do you want to know what makes us even happier? Being able to share our expertise and our innovative tools with other companies. Our combined efforts are helping both our customers and their customers. We are currently in partnerships with Language Partners, Thalento, TalentXperts and NCOI Learning. 

Thalento - Online assessment


The Belgian Thalento specialises in talent management solutions for HR departments within companies. Thanks to Thalento’s e-assessments, the most suitable candidate is always found for the position. The product exists in twenty languages and ElaN Learning's LinguaTest was added to it in 2014.


This online language test provides an accurate idea of the company’s applicants’ or employees’ language knowledge. This gives companies an even more complete candidate profile: not just the person’s performance, motivation, and competences, but their language level as well.


NCOI Learning – Online language coaching

ElaN Learning and NCOI Learning have been offering ‘LanguagePro’, individual language lessons held entirely online, since 2014.


Employers are increasingly expecting their employees and managers to have a firm understanding of languages on the work floor. Both training providers are meeting this expectation with their joint training programme.


Thanks to LanguagePro, the NCOI Learning trainee can follow five or ten online language coaching sessions in French or English, as a supplement to a NCOI Learning training or on its own. LanguagePro is based on the online class formula, BabblPro, which ElaN Learning has been offering for years now.