LanguagePro – Extra formulas to refine your language skills

10 October 2018

In collaboration with NCOI Learning

ElaN Learning and NCOI Learning have been offering ‘LanguagePro’, individual language lessons held entirely online, since 2014. Both partners have now decided to expand this language module with two new formulas: LanguagePro Boost and LanguagePro Focus.


“Various professionals, like representatives, management assistants, and project employees, all need to interact with others internationally on an increasingly more frequent basis,” says Ingrid Vandormael, Training Manager at ElaN Learning. “Employers expect these professional to have strong language skills. That’s why we teamed up with NCOI Learning.


Thanks to LanguagePro the NCOI Learning trainee can follow five or ten online language coaching sessions in French or English, as a supplement to a NCOI Learning training or on its own. LanguagePro is a flexible language module that allows a trainee to quickly and efficiently polish up his or her specific language knowledge. We also hold close consultations to find out exactly what he or she wants to learn.”

How does it work?

LanguagePro is based on the online class formula, BabblPro, which ElaN Learning has been offering for years now. “LanguagePro consists of 45-minute-long online sessions, which are always under the live assistance of a coach. These coaches lead interactive sessions that allow plenty of opportunities for exercises, including web-based study materials, like audio and visual fragments. This way, we instantly link the useful and the fun,” explains Ingrid Vandormael.

LanguagePro practical info

The trainee can choose from two formulas:

  • LanguagePro Boost: 5 sessions 
  • LanguagePro Focus: 10 sessions 

Each session last for 45 minutes.


Included in both formulas:

  • Written and verbal screening to assess the trainee’s language level and his or her goals;
  • Access to ScribblPro, a self-study tool with hundreds of short, effective exercises;
  • Seven mails with enriching audio, visual, and reading tips to help the trainee the acquired language skills polished.

Are you curious about the advantages of LanguagePro?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ingrid Vandormael, our Training Manager. She will tell you all about this innovative language module. 



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