Ready. Set. Go. Ready for your Language Training?

12 January 2017
Before setting out on a journey, you probably work out the fastest and most efficient way to get there. The same goes for your language training programme. That is why every ElaN Learning training programme consists of three steps: intake, the language training course itself, and the follow-up. Let’s take a closer look.


What are your language needs and strong points? What could you do better? We gauge your language level and interests based on a needs analysis and a LinguaTest. After this, a language screener analyses your language skills via a personal interview (online or face-to-face). A report is then created from this in which we map out your language level.

Language training

Based on the intake, we make a proposal for your personal training programme, together with you. One that is fully tailored to your professional language needs and expectations. We can do this thanks to our training formulas. For example, ClassicPro lets you opt for face-to-face training at a location of your choosing. Is your agenda full? Are you tired of commuting? Then BabblPro has all the advantages of a traditional language course for you, just online. Prefer to get the best of both worlds? Then MXPro is what you need: face-to-face training plus online support.


What is bad for your car also applies to your language skills. If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Fortunately, our creative follow-up solutions make sure you stay in touch with the language you studied. This way you can keep your language skills up to date. Guaranteed! In any case, every ElaN Learning trainee will receive three follow-up emails after his or her training course. 


Lastly, we would like to share one crucial figure: 70% of language acquisition happens while ‘learning on the job’. So talk a lot to your colleagues who speak the language you have learned or listen to the radio in this language as much as possible. We’ve got a lot more advice where this came from to help your knowledge of languages progress.


Would you like to know more?

The follow-up emails and the tips for ‘learning on the job’ are all part of our ‘Return On Expectations’ (ROE) learning concept. It’s your guarantee for a maximum return on your language training.

Curious about our training approach? Ingrid Vandormael will let you in on all the ROE details and draft a proposal tailored to your budget!



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