A customised language course: what is it exactly?

10 October 2016
Is your French limited to basically ‘bonjour’ and ‘bonsoir’? Would you like to change this? Or are you insecure during conference calls with British colleagues because your English isn’t quite up to snuff? Then a customised language course is exactly what you need. We adjust our personalised language training formulas to perfectly meet every company’s needs.

Customised language course

A language course is already all about customisation. Not only do people’s basic knowledge and learning styles differ, but the professional goals can differ from person to person as well. Maybe you need to be able to fluently speak about medical subjects in Polish. Or perhaps you need to know more German words so that you can more quickly email your international clients. You determine your personal objectives together with your manager. We will develop the perfect training together with a carefully selected language coach just for you. 

On paper or online?

Our training formulas are the epitome of flexibility. For example, you can choose between online learning, face-to-face, or a combination of the two. Are you already super busy and tired of commuting? Our virtual learning tool, BabblPro, provides you with an entire learning experience online. This way, you can make the most of those 15 minutes while you wait for your pasta to cook. Or you can easily start a language lesson in the evening, while you kick back on the sofa. BabblPro can be perfectly combined with learning on location. It makes individual coaching accessible for everyone.

Practice- and goal-oriented, with a maximum return

Naturally, you want to be able to use a language in your everyday life. This is also the fastest way to get a good understanding of a foreign language. That’s why all of our language courses are practice-oriented, with actual business situation simulations.


ElaN Languages has also been applying the ‘Return On Expectations’ model (ROE) to all of its language training courses in the past year. ROE is a scientifically based learning concept that we have put our own spin on. This way, we can guarantee maximum returns from your language training.  

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