Language Training

Tailored German training course – In the workplace

German in the workplace: a language training course mainly aimed at workers of foreign origin. They learn the basic terminology that they need in the workplace: general terms regarding safety and hygiene and more specific jargon for certain production lines.


Your training course is always tailored. After a thorough analysis of your language needs and prior knowledge, we put together the lesson package. Experienced trainers lead interactive sessions that allow plenty of opportunities for exercises.

BabblPro: From 5 sessions - ClassicPro: From 15 hours for each training course

ClassicPro: face-to-face

BabblPro: online

MXPro: a combination of both

At your company premises or at our offices in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve or Heusden-Zolder
Number of participants:
One - Pair - Group
Spread out (over several weeks) or intensive

Together we set the objectives according to the situations in which the participants need the language.


Possible course components:


  • introducing oneself
  • understanding instructions
  • understanding safety instructions
  • asking questions
  • requesting information
  • reporting a problem (e.g. a machine is broken)
  • talking about work with colleagues
  • talking about informal topics with colleagues (e.g. during lunch break)
  • reading and understanding an instruction sheet
  • ...

Free online tutorial

Each course member will automatically gain access to ScribblPro - an e-learning module to brush up on their grammar and vocabulary. During and after the training course, every trainee will also receive seven aftercare mails with plenty of interesting audiovisual and reading exercises, useful tips & tricks.

Would you like to organise this training course in your company?

If so, call or e-mail Ingrid Vandormael. She will work alongside you to put together your language training course, perfectly tailored to your needs.



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