Tips & tricks for our language trainers

17 November 2017
A successful language training programme requires qualified language trainers that exude professionalism. That’s why we provide our trainers with continuous coaching, like the five videos we sent them. In these videos, our Training Manager Ingrid Vandormael provided tips & tricks with the purpose of achieving a single goal: to establish an effective training programme with the highest returns – for the trainer, the trainee, and the customer. We’ve listed the five videos for you below.

Video 1: making a professional impression on your trainee and the customer.



Video 2: what to watch out for during the first lesson.



Video 3: ScribblPro and Stay Tuned, our follow-up tools.  



Video 4: MyElaN, our online platform that offers support for every training programme.  



Video 5: daily follow-up of all training projects.