Summer Coaching – Boost your energy

29 April 2024

We all want to feel good at work, don’t we? However, sometimes this is easier said than done, because no matter how much you enjoy your job, you will always encounter difficulties. Every one of us will face challenges at a certain point.


For example, one person might find it hard to provide feedback while somebody else would do anything to avoid conflicts. And then there’s that one colleague who says ‘yes’ while they actually mean ‘no’.


The good news? You can work on well-being…with our expert help, of course.

Summertime zen

Would you like to learn how to manage your time more effectively? Or does it seem like you’re simply incapable of downsizing that ball of stress inside of you? Feel free to tell us what is bothering you. A skilled coach will help you to overcome all your obstacles in five online sessions, each lasting 75 minutes.


In general, the summer period is a bit more relaxed, so there’s probably some free space in your schedule. Seems like the perfect time to tackle your personal challenges with our Summer Coaching sessions, which cost only EUR 825 (VAT excluded, offer valid from 15 June up to and including 15 September 2024). We look forward to helping you work on yourself in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere!

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Get in touch with Cinthia Maes: – 011 79 05 21. She will listen to and answer all your questions.